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Chocolate CrunchWelcome to School Recipes - home of all the old classic school dinner recipes that you still have vague memories of!

We say balls to Balls (Ed Balls of course!) and have unfortunately misplaced his new book telling kids what they must eat. Instead, what we have here is aimed more at us 'older children' who want to try and relive the good old days of school dinners. By that we certainly don't mean the stuff of recent years which has been a tad too close to fast food for our liking, but such intricate delicacies as 'Pink Custard', Manchester Tart and the like.

So, be a child again and remind your tastebuds of how good the school dinners of the past were, or weren't, and try out some of the classic old, and not so old, recipes. If you have any of your own then we positively encourage you to submit them here along with any pictures you have taken of any cookery attempts.

So, relive your old school days with School Recipes.

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Welcome to School Recipes
Tuesday, 30 September 2008

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