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Monday, 17 December 2012 19:23
Cupcake Cone Recipe Ingredients & Quantities125g Self Raising Flour 125g Margarine 125g Caster more
Friday, 10 December 2010 16:32
Potato, Leek and Onion Soup recipeIngredients & Quantities 2 large onions, chopped           more
Saturday, 06 November 2010 19:08
Curried parsnip soup recipeIngredients & Quantities50g Butter1 large onion, chopped1 large garlic, more
Thursday, 28 October 2010 18:34
Chocolate Shorties recipeIngredients & Quantities2 1/2 oz butter 2 1/2 oz lard2 oz caster sugar6 more

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1. School Dinners to be made Free?
(Dinner News/Real School Dinners)
... of Children, Families and Schools is piloting free school meals for all - regardless of household income. Unfortunately, the seemingly omnipresent Jamie Oliver thinks this is a bad idea and will lead to ...
2. School Dinner Rules Too Strict
(Dinner News/Real School Dinners)
Looks like the Government and Jamie Oliver have pushed things too far. New guidelines on school dinner ingredients are just too restrictive according to the Local Authority Caterers Association. It seems ...
3. Jam Roly Poly
(School Recipes/Desserts & Puddings)
Jam Roly Poly recipe Ingredients & Quantities 250g of Self Raising Flour Pinch of Salt 125g of Shredded Suet 90-120ml of Water 4tbsp Raspberry Jam, warmed A little Milk 1 Egg, beaten Caster Sugar to glaze ...
4. Jam Sauce
(School Recipes/Sauces)
Jam Sauce recipe Ingredients & Quantities 150ml of Water 230g of Jam 1.5tsp of Arrowroot or Cornflour Method Heat the water and jam together. Add the blended arrowroot or cornflour and cook until clear. ...
5. Vegetable Curry
(School Recipes/Vegetarian Dishes)
... Jam 910g of Raw Mixed Veg (diced potato, carrot, sweetcorn, peas, green beans) 280g of Long Grain Rice Method Dice the onions and fry in oil. Add the curry powder and cook for one minute. Mix the tomato ...
6. Manchester Tart
(School Recipes/Desserts & Puddings)
Manchester Tart recipe Ingredients & Quantities Pastry 225g of Self Raising Flour 60g of Margarine 60g of Lard 30ml of Water 70g of Jam Filling 60g of Dried Milk 568ml of Water 45g of Sugar 45g of Custard ...
7. Doughnuts
(School Recipes/Cakes & Biscuits)
Doughnut recipe Ingredients & Quantities 280g of Plain Flour 20g of Margarine or Lard 40g of Sugar 10g of Dried Yeast Pinch of Salt 10g of Baking Powder 170g of Syrup or Jam 20g of Dried Milk 180ml of ...
8. Cornflake Pie
(School Recipes/Desserts & Puddings)
Cornflake Pie recipe Ingredients & Quantities Pie 600ml of Milk 110g of Shortcrust Pastry 3tbsp of Raspberry Jam 3tbsp of Custard Powder 2-3tbsp of Desiccated Coconut 2tbsp of Sugar Cornflake Mix 100g ...
9. Coconut Iced Tart
(School Recipes/Desserts & Puddings)
... of Water 90g of Jam 60g of Dessicated Coconut 30g of Sugar Method Make up the pastry and line a tin. Crimp the edges, prick well and blind bake. Spread the pastry with a layer of jam. Make the blancmange, ...
10. Credit Crunch? Eat Crunch!
(Dinner News/Real School Dinners)
... on a very tight budget. In fact, until Jamie Oliver came along and brought the whole issue in to the spotlight, the amount being spent per pupil on the ingredients and preparation was ridiculously small ...
11. Bakewell Tart
(School Recipes/Desserts & Puddings)
... Flour 3/4tsp of Baking Powder 1 Egg 1/4tsp of Almond Essence 15ml of Water 110g of Jam Method Make up the pastry and line the flan tins. Crimp pastry edges. Cream the margarine and sugar. Add the beaten ...
12. Syrup and Cornflake Tart
(School Recipes/Desserts & Puddings)
Ingredients & Quantities Shortcrust Pastry: 180g of Flour 40g of Margarine 40g of Lard 30ml of Water Filling: 110g of Syrup 80g of Cornflakes 110g of Red Jam (strawberry or raspberry) 40g of Margarine ...
13. Baked Jam Roll
(School Recipes/Desserts & Puddings)
Baked Jam Roll recipe Ingredients & Quantities 280g of Self Raising Flour 70g of Margarine 70g of Lard 60ml of Water 170g of Jam Method Make up the shortcrust pastry. Roll into an oblong, spread with ...
14. Almond Fingers
(School Recipes/Desserts & Puddings)
Quantities & Ingredients 110g of Self Raising Flour 110g of Semolina 110g of Margarine 110g of Sugar 1/2 Egg 1/2tsp Almond Essence 140g of Aprocot Jam Method Rub the fat in to the flour and semolina. Add ...
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